Google Updates AdWords To Improve Location-Based Ad Products

What Happened
Google has made some significant changes to its AdWords platform, beefing up its local search ad products. The search giant is bringing local search ads to Google Maps, allowing brands to surface their local search ads when a user searches for certain keywords in the Google Maps app or its web version. The company is also experimenting with a new ad unit called Promoted Pins (not to be confused with Pinterest’s ad product of the same name), which enables brands to put their logos on their store locations in Google Maps to make them easily identifiable among the generic map icons.

Besides these two major additions, Google also expanded the text preview of AdWords ads, enhanced ad image responsiveness, and tweaked its ad bidding process to allow advertisers to place bids for specific device types.

What Brands Need To Do
Altogether, these changes should make AdWords a more robust ad platform for brands. The two new additions to its local ads, in particular, should help retailers and quick-service restaurants drive more foot traffic to their stores. As Google remains a dominating force in the local search market, brands should be aware of the new products and changes Google unveils and take full advantage of them to reach consumers in moments that matter.


Source: TechCrunch