Real-Life Pinterest Pins Pop Up In A Brazilian Furniture Store

What Happened
Pinterest’s red “Pin It” button enables users to quickly save images or product pages from third-party sites to their collections. Now Tok&Stok, the biggest designer furniture store in Brazil, is bringing a physical version of those iconic pins into its store to add an interactive layer to its in-store experience. Working with a local agency named DM9DDB, Tok&Stok placed a number of Bluetooth-enabled Pins around its store, and when shoppers who install their “PinList” app see something they like, they can simply push the physical Pin to add the corresponding item to their digital collection. You can see how the Pins work in this demo video.

What Retailers Need To Do
This innovative retail installation offers an interesting case of reverse engineering as a brick-and-mortar retailer modeled the physical Pins based on how their digital counterpart works. It points to the new retail reality that most people shop with their phones, which retailers should take advantage of to devise new in-store experience, incorporating digital elements into their physical space to intrigue and engage with customers.

To learn more about what retailers can do to reach today’s connected shoppers with an integrated, omnichannel approach, check out the Boundless Retail section in our Outlook 2016.


Source: AdWeek