A German Beer Turns Its Bottle Cap Into A 360-Degree Camera

What Happened
Beck’s, an Anheuser-Busch-owned beer brand, has come up with an interesting way to add value to its packaging. Working with BBDO Germany, the company is holding a Facebook contest to give fans a chance to win so-called “CapCams,” which turn its beer bottle cap into a clip-on camera lens that people can attach to their smartphones and start shooting 360-degree videos. When finished with filming, they can easily upload the videos to Facebook to share with friends.

Beck's beer

What Brands Need To Do
With the proliferation of virtual reality and 360-degree content on mainstream digital platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, consumers are getting familiarized with the emerging format and eager to create their own. Beck’s campaign taps into that curiosity and smartly integrates a gadget into its product packaging in a fun way. For brands that wish to keep abreast of the digital curve, now is the time to start thinking about integrating this type of immersive content into your media strategies, and a way to do it that truly excites and engages your audience.


Source: AdWeek

Images courtesy of BBDO Germany’s promo video on YouTube