Twitter Opens Gnip’s Audience API To Offer Brands More Data

What Happened
Gnip, a data platform owned by Twitter, announced on Tuesday that it is opening up access to its Audience API, which was first launched with limited access in October. Now with easy access to Gnip’s data, brand marketers will be able to learn more about their Twitter audience, such as what languages they speak, what kind of music they like, and other demographic and interest data points. To ensure user privacy, Gnip’s data is anonymized and aggregated to groups of over 500 Twitter accounts.

Why Brands Should Care
Twitter has been steadily improving the targeting capability of its ad products, including an emoji-based targeting option introduced last month. By opening up Gnip’s Audience API to marketers, brands gain a valuable tool to gather insights on their audience, which can be then leveraged for ad targeting and improving customer services.


Source: Marketing Land