Tumblr Ramps Up Ads By Putting Ads On More Blogs

What Happened
Tumblr is taking a significant step to increase its ad inventory by rolling out a new ad program that puts more ads across its network of blogs. Starting Thursday, sponsored posts and sponsored video ads will start appearing on Tumblr’s slide-out section on the web, on the main page of blogs using the default Optica theme, as well as on its mobile apps and mobile web. Users can earn money off those on-blog ads if they sign up for Tumblr’s Creatrs program. This program is applied to Tumblr’s network of over 306 million blogs from 65 million users by default, but users who wish not to see ads on their blogs can opt out of the program in settings.

What Brands Need To Do
Since this opt-out program displays ads on Tumblr blogs, it effectively enables Tumblr to monetize its vast amount of blogs that reach all visitors, whereas previously Tumblr’s ad products only reach logged-in users. In 2013, Tumblr was purchased for $1.1 billion by Yahoo, which, in turn, will be acquired by Verizon by early next year. As Verizon plans to integrate Yahoo’s online ad business into AOL, we expect to see Tumblr further step up its ad efforts in the near future. For now, brands advertising on Tumblr will gain a significantly wider reach for their ads.


Source: TechCrunch