Facebook Starts Testing Mid-Roll Ads In Live Videos

What Happened
Facebook has started testing ads that appear during Live videos, the company confirmed on Monday. Live video broadcasts from Facebook’s top publishing partners will carry mid-roll video ads, which will reportedly last for 15 seconds or shorter and appear five minutes into a broadcast. Facebook says it will pull the video ads from promoted video campaigns already running on the platform, and it is giving brands the ability to opt out of showing their ads in live videos.

What Brands Need To Do
Facebook has been putting a considerable amount of effort into building out its Live video product in the past few months. It has reportedly been trying to lure YouTube stars and social influencers to switch to Facebook Live with the promise of an ad revenue share. Now with mid-roll video ads, Facebook is finally opening the door for brand advertisers to get their messages across via Live video. However, brands should be cautious about the type of live content that their ads will be served alongside and take proactive measures to make sure it is brand-appropriate or relevant.


Source: Mashable