Sony Pictures Found A Workaround To Run 360 Video Ads On Snapchat

What Happened
Snapchat has yet to support 360-degree video in its app, but Sony Pictures has found a workaround to incorporate 360-degree video into its ads on the messaging app. To promote its upcoming thriller “Don’t Breathe,” the movie studio bought 10-second video ads on Snapchat that prompt users to swipe up for more content. Once they swipe up, viewers will be treated to a 90-second “Don’t Breathe” 360-degree video on a web page inside the app.

What Brands Need To Do
360-degree content offers an immersive experience that brands can use to engage with consumers. While it is unclear whether Snapchat will add support for 360-degree video any time soon, Sony’s workaround shows that there is a way to reach the Snapchat audience with 360-degree video. With mainstream platforms like YouTube and Facebook now supporting the format, 360-degree videos are only going to become more popular among consumers. For brands looking to stay ahead of the curve, now is the time to start developing branded 360-degree content and make it easily accessible.


Source: Variety