Amazon’s Alexa Now Supports Long-Form Audio Streaming

What Happened
Amazon has updated Alexa Skill Kit to add support for long-form audio streaming as well as playback controls, making it possible for developers to create Alexa skills that incorporate audio content like podcasts, news stories, and live streams. Previously, Alexa only supported short audio content up to 90 seconds long.

What Brands Need To Do
Thanks to the Serial-led podcast renaissance in recent years, many brands have tried their hands at sponsoring podcasts to reach listeners. Some brands, including Prudential, Umpqua Bank, and GE, even created their own podcasts as part of their content marketing. This new Alexa feature allows brands to incorporate their existing audio content into Alexa skills for a richer user experience. It also opens the door for brands to work with developers to experiment with other long-form audio content to further engage Alexa users.

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Source: Amazon Developer