Facebook Updates Slideshow Ads With Text and Music Options

What Happened
Facebook has updated its Slideshow ads, the multi-image ad unit designed for regions with internet connections too slow for video ads. Now advertisers using this ad product can include more images in their slideshows, as well as add text and background music to them. At the moment, Facebook provides some themed music tracks for advertisers to choose from but says that marketers will be able to upload their own music soon. In addition, brands now have the option to specifically target their Slideshow ads against users on 2G networks.

What Brands Need To Do
According to Facebook, brands that use Slideshow ads have seen some positive results. For example, sock company Stance reported their cost per acquisition decreased by 48% and clickthrough rates more than doubled with a Slideshow ad. This update brings more customization features to Slideshow ads, which brands seeking to reach mobile consumers in certain developing global markets should take advantage of.

Source: AdWeek