Gatorade Invites Snapchat Users To Play Tennis With Serena Williams

What Happened
Gatorade is running a Snapchat ad that includes a branded mini-game to maximize user engagement. The Gatorade ad, which runs in the ESPN Discover channel, invites users to swipe up on the ad to play a web-based, retro-style video game about playing tennis with Serena Williams. The branded game is also available to all mobile and desktop users at, to which Gatorade is also using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to drive users.

What Brands Need To Do
Gatorade is not the first brand to take advantage of Snapchat ad’s “swipe-up-for-more” feature. Earlier this month, Sony Picture ran a Snapchat ad that directs users to a 360-degree video to promote its upcoming thriller. Despite some major complaints that advertisers hold against Snapchat, there is no denying that brands have mostly warmed up to the app as it continues to grow its user base and improves its ad products. If your brand has yet to develop a Snapchat strategy, now is the time to include the popular messaging app in your social marketing mix.


Source: Digiday