Twitter Adds New Features For Better Customer Support

What Happened
Twitter has rolled out some new features to help brands provide better customer service. Now brands can indicate when their customer service account will be available and when customers can expect a response. Twitter also revamped the profile pages of those brand accounts to add an enlarged “Message” button, encouraging users to send their inquiries and complaints via Direct Message rather than tweeting them publicly. Several brands, including Delta, T-Mobile, and United, have activated the features on their accounts

What Brands Need To Do
According to a recent study published by Twilio, most consumers now prefer to use messaging to interact with businesses rather than calling. So it makes sense that Twitter is improving its customer support tools to appeal to the growing needs of brands and their customers. Last week, Twitter revamped Direct Messages to add some convenient features and make it more chat app-like, signaling its intention to expand its messaging service. As Twitter continues to make its platform more brand-friendly, we expect to see more brands utilize the tools to provide customer service.

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Source: TechCrunch