Chipotle Aims To Engage Fans With Branded Online Game And Original Snapchat Show

What Happened
Chipotle is following up on its well-received, original animated short film A Love Story with more engaging content. The quick-service restaurant chain created a memory matching game based on the short film to let fans play and win rewards for free food at Chipotle.

Chipotle is also launching an original weekly show on Snapchat called “School of Guac” to target 13-24-year-old college students, which make up a key audience demo for the company. It has seen some positive results from the first two episodes, including a lower-than-average drop-off rate of 4.7%.

What Brands Should Do
As consumer attention becomes increasingly fragmented and subpar mobile ad experiences drive many users to use ad-blockers, it is becoming more and more difficult for brands to reach their desired audiences via traditional media channels. Therefore, brands should take a cue from Chipotle’s content marketing efforts and explore interactive branded content and new platforms like Snapchat to circumvent consumers’ growing ad aversion and grab their attention.

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Source: Business Wire & Digiday