Reddit Launches Interest-Based Ad Targeting Product

What Happened
Reddit has offered subreddit-based ad targeting for a while now, but it is now broadening its targeting capability to be more interest-based, allowing brands to target audiences based on “a handful of predefined interests (e.g., sports, gaming, music, and more) which will be informed by which communities they frequent,” according to CEO Steve Huffman. Interestingly, Reddit is also allowing users to opt out of this new ad product so as to appease a significant portion of its user base that is adamantly anti-ad.

What Brands Should Do
This new interest-based ad product allows brand advertisers to reach an audience that shares a particular interest across different subreddits in a more effective way. Reddit currently has over 240 million monthly unique visitors, and despite its notoriously ad-avoidant user base, some brands such as Toyota and Ford have found moderate success in their content marketing efforts on Reddit by playing to user interests and sensibilities. If your brand wishes to incorporate Reddit into your marketing channel mix, this new ad targeting product should be useful to locate an engaged audience.


Source: Marketing Land