Previews New App Feature Powered By Augmented Reality

What Happened is developing an AR-powered new function for its mobile app. Aiming to make it easier for users to access details about the real estates available on the site, the company has created a new Street Peek feature, which allows users to point their camera at a house to see information such as listing or rental price, recently sold price, and the number of bedrooms from the real estate website’s database. Additionally, Street Peek would also display a map of the houses nearby when you tilt the screen. is set to officially launch this feature first in Android app later this spring, with the iOS version to follow.

What Brands Need To Do
This upcoming feature showcases how augmented reality technology can help brands bridge the physical world and their digital assets. French department store chain Galeries Lafayette is using mobile-powered AR to create a unique in-store narrative to lure in holiday shoppers. Beyond retail and real estate, AR can be a great way for customers to envision your products in their lives and to launch interactive digital experiences from signage or product packaging. With more and more consumers become accustomed to AR-powered app features thanks to the popularity of Pokemon Go, brands need to start exploring ways to use augmented reality to deliver a next-level user experience.

Source: Engadget