Genvid Technologies’ SDK Brings Interactivity To eSports Broadcasts

What Happened
Genvid Technologies has released an SDK that aims to add some interactivity to eSports broadcasts. According to the New York City-based startup, once its SDK is integrated into any multiplayer game, which includes popular esports titles and virtual reality games, viewers will be able to interact with the live stream in a number of interesting ways, such as changing the camera angle to any angle that they like, choosing a particular player to follow, or even interacting with advertisements embedded in the broadcast.

What Brands Need To Do
If this SDK from Genvid gains traction and is integrated into eSports streaming platforms, it would open new doors for brands to reach the hundreds of millions of addressable eSports audience. With media companies like Lionsgate and Turner Media, as well as sports company such as Miami Heat, rushing into the space with investments, the global revenue that eSports generates is estimated to exceed $1 billion by 2019, partly due to recent success in attracting female gamers, as New York Times reports.

Some early-adopting brands, such as Coca-Cola and Snickers, have sponsored eSports events to reach its young, male-skewing audience. As media companies race to capture the vast eSports audience, brands, especially those seeking global recognition, need to start leveraging the massive reach of eSports events and platforms via sponsorships and ads.


Source: VentureBeat