Twitter Replaces “Moments” With “Explore” With A Focus On Live Videos

What Happened
Twitter has revamped its app layout, replacing the “Moments” tab with a new “Explore” section that brings together trending tweets, Moments, and live videos in one place, with recommended live videos front and center in the tab. Twitter says it will also use this tab to display important broadcasts, particularly the ones from its content partners such as NFL and Bloomberg. Earlier this week, the company reported its livestream of the presidential inauguration amassed a record-breaking total of 6.824 million unique views and a peak of 377,000 concurrent viewers. In comparison, its NFL streams averaged 265,800 viewers per minute across ten games.

What Brands Need To Do
Twitter was one of the first social networks to launch livestreaming capabilities, but recently it has been eclipsed by rival live video products from Facebook, Twitch, and recently, Instagram. This revamp is an evident move to push live video in front of more casual users as Twitter continues to simplify its platform. With the major social platforms steadily improving their respective live video products, brands will have more and more channels to disseminate their live content and reach a wider audience.

Early adopting brands such as Birchbox, Popeyes, McDonald’s, and GE have experimented with Facebook Live to reach customers while brands like Carl’s Jr, Coca-Cola, and Geico have sponsored livestreams on eSports sites. All these examples showcase the versatility of marketing opportunities that live streaming offers, which more brands should leverage to connect with their audiences in innovative, exciting ways.


Source: VentureBeat