Lego Launches Instagram-Like Social Network For Kids To Show Off Their Creations

What Happened
Aiming to stay engaged with its core customers even after they put down theor Lego pieces, Lego has created an Instagram-style social network for kids to show off their Lego creations. Dubbed “Lego Life,” the branded social platform lets kids aged 5-13 to share their creations in a kid-friendly, safe environment, and comment on others’ posts with custom Lego emojis.

What Brands Need To Do
This is the latest example of traditionally non-digital brands branching out into digital platforms and establishing mobile touch points in order to stay engaged with today’s connected consumers. A recent eMarketer study shows that 45% of kids 11 years old and younger in the U.S. are using a smartphone, and a 2016 survey shows that over half of children have created a social media account before the age of 12. Therefore, it makes sense for Lego to launch a social network so as to foster an online community of Lego-loving kids and keep them engaged with its products. With media time increasingly shifting to mobile devices, especially among the younger demographics, brands can greatly benefit from such mobile-native initiatives.


Source: The Next Web