Canadian Coke Uses AR To Add Spotify Music To Bottles

What Happened
As part of a returning marketing campaign Play a Coke, Coca-Cola and Spotify is teaming up to offer Canadian consumers a unique product experience. Customers are encouraged to download a special mobile app and use it to scan the special a promotional label on a Coke or Sprite bottle, which would unlock one of 189 themed-Spotify playlists such as BBQ Time and Nothing But Net. Users can browse through different playlist by rotating the bottle in their hand, making it an interactive AR experience. Coca-cola says thirty million such bottles are expected to ship for the Canadian market during this campaign.

What Brands Need To Do
Last summer, Pokémon Go introduced mobile AR technology to mainstream consumers, but brands are only starting to explore the possibilities that AR marketing brings. This is the latest example of how brands, especially CPG brands, can leverage AR technology to add interactive experiences to products and deliver a rich customer experience. Such a mobile-based interactive experience offers an easy way to introduce AR technology to your brand’s digital assets and deliver an engaging customer experience. Brands should take advantage of this trend to experiment with camera-enabled AR interfaces and interactive experiences.

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Source: VR Focus