Extending cause marketing reach through DOOH

Extending the reach of cause marketing campaigns through DOOH (Red Cross)It is amazing how the world can unite during times of tragedy. The outpouring of support for Haiti by individuals, celebrities, governments, and the media has been overwhelming. DOOH Networks are also participating in the fundraising efforts. Matthew Stoudt, CEO of Outcast has pulled together Zoom Media, AdSpace Networks, IndoorDIRECT, Captivate Network, PumpTop TV, Premier Retail Networks, CBS Outernet, and TargetCast Networks for what Stoudt described in the DailyDOOH as,  “A unified message that will run on over 40,000+ screens and reach an estimated 100 million Americans monthly.”

The Preset Group has also created high-resolution video and flash content that any network can broadcast. The video spots encourage $10 donations to redcross.org by texting “Haiti” to a short code.  While historically premium SMS never took off in the US, providing an impulse-friendly way to contribute to an urgent cause has proven to be right on the money, driving the most successful mobile donation program seen so far. Continue reading “Extending cause marketing reach through DOOH”