Startup Slim Eliminates Obsessive Update Checking

A new San Francisco-based startup called Slim is aiming to tackle the state of information overload that’s created by the many social networks we’re expected to keep tabs on. Slim allows you to discover and be alerted to the most important life events from friends and colleagues, all in one central location. There are many apps currently that allow us to search through information on social networks quickly, but Slim is targeted to the business user who has little time but wants to be given reasons to maintain contact with friends and colleagues. Slim builds a customized feed of Facebook and LinkedIn events, and alerts the user via push; it also allows you to star updates you want and mark updates you don’t, so it will gradually learn your preferences. Slim further sets itself apart by offering mechanisms for reaching out – text messages, calls, emails, and more. Thus far the startup only supports Facebook and LinkedIn, but they will soon follow with Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Salesforce, and Yammer.