Google Introduces New Ad Formats To AMP Pages

What Happened
Google is adding support for three more ad formats in its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), including fast-loading “AMP Ads” that load as quickly as the pages, “sticky ads” that stay atop or at the bottom of pages regardless of scrolling, and so-called “flying carpet ads” that reveal their content as users scroll past them. Google launched the AMP project in October last year as a response to Facebook’s fast-loading initiative Instant Articles, and it has since added support for more ad tech platforms and promised publisher partners more control over the ads in AMP pages.

Why Brands Should Care
These new ad units should come as welcome additions for AMP publishers as well as brands looking to advertise on these publishers’ mobile properties. Compared to Facebook’s relatively tight grip on ads in Instant Articles, Google may just win over more brands and media owners with its ad-friendly approach, provided that they be careful to not let the ads get in the way of the user experience. With more and more people consuming content on their smartphones, marketers need to be conscious of the choices they have when it comes to mobile ads.


Source: TechCrunch