iPad, IAD, and Me

iPad, IAD, and Me (EA/Apple) The iPad is here — and with it, apps. And games. And ads. The iPad arrived on April 3. Rumor is, on April 7 Apple will reveal what it’s done with Quattro and showcase the future of the ad platform for its mobile operating system. This announcement could, in a very real way, mobilize (pun intended) casual gaming ad opportunities.

Did you know there are more iPhones and iPod Touches out there than Wiis? Or that Apple is eating away at the handheld gaming market revenues, despite the games on its platform being a fraction of the price that others charge?

A solid advertising platform from Apple will represent a unified offering for iPhone OS games. Based on where Apple’s interest lies for its iPhone platform, the ad platform should be very publisher-friendly, and potentially able to generate revenue for publishers better than current ad networks. If that’s the case, many publishers will flock to the common standard for their apps (or not). Continue reading “iPad, IAD, and Me”