Twitter & Billboard Create Real-Time Music Chart

Twitter Music failed; it’s something we all watched happen from afar. Even big sponsorships couldn’t save the attempt at monitoring music on the social network – but now Twitter is trying again, with the premier music partner, Billboard. It wants to do to music what Nielsen does to rank TV shows with a real-time chart – slated to appear in – that keeps track of who is talking about what music, and when on the social network. The stated goal is to create a new industry standard for tracking the conversation about music on a platform on which music is heavily discussed. Twitter wants brands, artists, and managers to understand how people are talking about their product, and when; even though they failed with the initial attempt, Twitter’s new partnership could be promising moving forward with the company already known for its ability to track music as it moves throughout the world. With over 40 million tweets per day about music, the content is there to be tracked – it’s just a matter of Twitter getting it right. 

British Airways Debuts Airplane-Tracking Billboard

British Airways can claim a first in advertising, having launched its new Look Up campaign, which includes a custom animated billboard that updates to track actual flights overhead.  The ad displays a little boy pointing to the sky, and his finger follows the path of an actual plane.  The billboard also displays the plane’s flight number and origin.  Innovative ads like these capture the imaginations of their audiences and provide a more positive experience of being advertised to, while also ensuring higher levels of engagement.