Cablevision To Team Up With ESPN For Data-Sharing Deal

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In a first-of-its-kind data deal between a cable TV provider and a cable network, ESPN is teaming up with Cablevision to combine audience data, taken straight from set-top boxes, with viewing habits and other behavioral data, the premium sports channel announced at its upfront presentation earlier today.

The new deal will help match ESPN impressions with sales data and other relevant information to accurately determine value, demonstrating ROI to advertisers, who will be able to see how long ESPN’s audience spends on a particular sport and the time of day they’re most engaged.

As both companies reportedly expressed interest in making similar deals in the near future, we expect to see more mutually beneficial data-sharing deals between content providers and service providers coming soon.

Cablevision Launches WiFi-Only Mobile Service: Will It Work?

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Cablevision is reportedly launching a WiFi-based phone service next month, hoping to leverage its Optimal Wi-Fi hotspots and existing customers into the growing mobile market. Freewheel, as the new service is called, will cost Cablevision costumers $9.95 a month ($29.95 for non-subscribers) for unlimited call, text, and data, which gives it a significant advantage over the usual carrier plans.

While the price might be quite attractive, the caveat remains that users won’t be able to do much unless they are connected to WiFi, since there is no cellular service to fall back on. It could work well in areas with a high density of mobile hotspots, such as college campuses and metropolitan cities. Outside those areas though, traditional carriers are probably the safer bet.