Cadillac Partners With Emerging Fashion Designers To Elevate Its Brand

What Happened
Cadillac is teaming up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) on a Retail Lab initiative that aims to foster young fashion talent. The Retail Lab will have a custom retail shop on the ground floor of the Cadillac building, where up-and-coming designers can showcase their latest work and receive mentorship in marketing and business development. As part of its rebranding efforts following decades of declining sales, Cadillac relocated its headquarters from Detroit to New York City in early 2015.

What Brands Need To Do
By working closely with the CFDA, Cadillac is integrating its brand into the glamorous fashion scene and trying to develop a halo effect that can help the luxury automaker elevate its brand. At a time when consumers are growing tired of being bombarded with ads and starting to actively avoid ads with the help of ad-blockers and ad-free subscription services, it is important for brands to try out new ways to reach their target audiences. Cadillac’s new initiative provides a good example of how a brand can enhance its brand equity and unlock a new audience by associating itself with a compatible cause, in this case prompting consumers to make the connection between stylish designer clothes and stylish luxury cars.


Source: Digiday