Mondelez Brings Personalized Recommendations In-Store

Amazon recommendations are a huge driver of purchase so why not bring that into the physical retail? That’s what Mondelez is planning for 2015, using Kinect technology to identify shoppers based on facial features and then displaying personalized messages in-store. While this technology exists today, brands need to be very wary of how they leverage that data given the privacy implications.  

Amscreen Uses Facial Detection In OOH

The future of Out of Home advertising may lie in facial tracking technology that can identify a consumer by age and gender and optimize the creative accordingly. Outdoor Screen company, Amscreen has teamed up with Quividi to do just that across it’s network of 6,000 screens which reach a monthly audience of 50 million. Thus far, the new measurement solution indicates that 94% of shoppers view the in-store signage making it the highest conversion rate in the sector. The tech could revolutionize performance metrics as well as offline targeting.