Aereo Raises 38 Million For Over-The-Air TV

There are not too many companies more disruptive than Barry Diller’s Aereo TV that grabs over-the-air television and sends them to user’s mobile devices and PCs over the internet. It’s a cord-cutters dream and a cable companies worst nightmare. Not surprisingly, the New York based company has had to spend a lot in court fees but a $38 million B round signals renewed strength from the web TV service with plans to expand in 22 more cities.

Gigaom’s 2013 Digital Media Trends

The Lab will be releasing it’s 2013 Trends report, but in the meantime, satiate yourself with some findings from Gigaom’s 2013 Digital Media writeup. The piece focuses heavily on digital publishing, branded content and online video versus TV. Among some of the key predictions are the rise of self-publishing, fragmentation of content libraries across service like Spotify and Netflix and a viable option TV between cord-cutting and full cable.