Why More Companies Should Sponsor Developer Tools Like Capital One Did

What Happened
In a surprising move, Capital One bank has sponsored a developer for his work on CocoaPods, an open-source platform for managing and scaling Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It is rare for a non-tech corporation like Capital One to sponsor a developer tool, but as technology continues to infiltrate all facets of people’s daily lives, recruiting top-tier technical talent is becoming increasingly important to non-tech-related companies. Therefore, it makes sense for Capital One to make a nice gesture towards the developer community, especially considering it is coming out with its own mobile payment app.

What Brands Need To Do
As more and more companies realize the need for app developers and engineers to help them transit towards mobile, the market for recruiting those talents has become highly competitive. Normally, top engineers choose tech companies like Facebook and Google over non-tech corporations, as they are typically solving more interesting problems there. In order to compete with the big tech companies and startups, companies in other industries should consider following Capital One’s example, and build good will in the developer community to raise their profile among the highly sought-after talent.


Source: CocoaPods Blog