Swedish Pharma Company Debuts Billboard That Coughs When Smokers Walk By

What Happened
In an interesting case of digital out-of-home campaigns, Apotek Hjärtat, a Swedish pharmaceutical company, commissioned an anti-smoking billboard at a popular smoking spot in Stockholm. Equipped with hidden smoke detectors, the man featured on the billboard screen would start coughing loudly when the billboard detects cigarette smoke.

What Brands Need To Do
While it is debatable whether it is ethical or effective to encourage people to quit smoking by publicly shaming them, this digital billboard serves as the latest example of how sensor-laden billboards may transform the OOH ads. Similarly, a company in Japan has started testing camera-equipped billboards that can recognize the car models driving by and serve up targeted ads accordingly. According to a recent research from PQ Media, global OOH advertising revenue grew 6.2% in 2016 to $49.23 billion, with DOOH claiming most of the revenue growth. More brands should look for new ways to bring some interactivity and customizations to digital outdoor ads.


Source: PSFK

Header image courtesy of Apotek’s YouTube video

Recycling PSA Campaign Marries Live-Streaming With Digital OOH

What Happened
A PSA campaign by non-profit Recycle Across America live-streamed their celebrity-studded  photoshoot event in Los Angeles on 500 digital billboards across the U.S. on Thursday. The photoshoot was expected to generate over 3 million views on the billboards, which were donated by outdoor advertising agency Lamar Advertising to celebrate Earth Day.

What Brands Need To Do
According to Lamar Advertising, this campaign marks the first time a branded event was broadcast live on digital billboards at scale. Live-streaming has been gathering considerable momentum in recent months thanks to the popularization of Periscope and Facebook Live. So it makes sense to leverage the extensive reach of digital OOH to further expand the reach of live-streamed content. We expect to see more brands try their hand at this type of innovative OOH campaign.


Source: Digiday

Header image courtesy of Recycle Across America