Drawbridge and TRUSTe Let Consumers Opt Out Of Targeting

In a twist from the current digital status quo, Mobile ad startup Drawbridge offers users technology to help identify when multiple devices are being used by one person – an advantageous statistic for advertisers – but is also partnering with TRUSTe so that people who see multiple-device, Drawbridge-served ads can opt out of the targeting if they so choose. Though we’ve seen TRUSTe before, this is the first time that, in working with a partner, users can opt out of data collection on mobile and multiple devices. Described as a conservative approach to privacy management, users can click on an AdChoices icon that will allow users to avoid any interest-based ad targeting from Drawbridge or any other TRUSTe partners. The multi-device, ad targeting space is rapidly evolving, and both companies hope that this is one way to maintain the consumers’ trust during this time of transition.