What does the release of the iPad mean?

iPad (Courtesy of Apple)After weeks, months, and years of speculation, Apple unveiled its long awaited tablet-pad-thing-a-ma-app. It’s as lovely as we’ve come to expect from Apple design. We’ll be convening with our team to get their thoughts on the impact the iPad will have on the various industries who will be touched by its technology; from publishers to media companies, to mobile players and advertisers.  Most of all, the question on everyone’s mind, has Apple created something that consumers want–and as our President, John Ross is fond of asking what problems does the iPad solve for consumers? Another words–is this Apple marketing and hype at its best, or is the iPad a game changer?

Here is a round up of news coverage on the topic.

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From AllthingsD: Apple improves its multi-touch and gesture capabilities Read here.

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From Apple.com, video on the device, Watch here.

Best of ’09: How social media can save books

Best blogs of 2009 From our 2009 best-of the IPG Lab blog series:

Social media has infiltrated the hemispheres of today’s society by embedding itself into the framework of business interactions, personal relationships, mobile distractions, television and other elements that shape our culture. While some situations and technologies adapt quickly to the transparency and hyper-connectedness of social media, other avenues take time to get used to the idea. One such avenue is books.

The publishing industry in general is threatened by the disruptive advancements that social media generates because it changes the structure of writing from a speech to a discussion. But, this doesn’t have to be a negative attribute – this could be what actually saves the publishing industry from a meager future on the new media sidelines. Read more.