iPad Pro Gives Brands More Screen Space To Impress

The much-anticipated new iPad confirmed the pre-announcement speculations, as Apple unveiled the brand new iPad Pro that boasts a stunning 12.9-inch multi-touch screen, capable of running two full-size apps in profile mode side by side. This will no doubt give brands more space to impress their audience on tablets with stunning graphics and more information.

iPad Pro boasts a new A9X processor, making it faster than 80% of the portable PCs sold in the past year, according to Apple. It also supports a new detachable smart keyboard a la Microsoft’s Surface and Apple’s first stylus named Apple Pencil for more nuanced interactions. Nearly as powerful as a regular laptop, iPad Pro signals the next stage of mobile devices’ takeover of consumer screen time. If your brand hasn’t adapted to mobile yet, you need to start developing a mobile strategy right now.

Amazon Is A “Gadget Company” Now

With the release of six new tablets and e-readers earlier this week, ecommerce giant Amazon has officially evolved into a “gadget company”. From refreshed low-end tablets to high-end e-readers, the company has come a long way since the introduction of its the Kindle seven years ago. And except for the $199 Kindle Voyage, most of the new lineup seems to uphold its business model—sell hardware for little or no profit, and hope to make money when customers buy content on Amazon’s platform. But as Apple has proved time after time, a true gadget company can profit from both hardware and content.

Flurry & IPG Lab Media Trial: TV Viewing Vs Tablet

IPG Lab and Flurry conducted behavioral focus groups with tablet video watchers. Left alone in our living room, hidden video cameras show that participants watch tablet video very differently than TV, even taking the tablet with them on trips to the kitchen instead of waiting for an ad break, as our TV watchers did. Hear our participants give their opinions on tablet video first-hand, and see it through their eyes via a video camera embedded in their eye-glasses.



Tablets Beat Smartphones In Ad Clicks

As the tablet industry expands, so too has tablet advertising. Indeed, Mobile ad-buying platform Adfonic found that tablets’ share of mobile ads increased from 9% in Q2 2012 to 14% by the end of Q4. Noting this surge in market share, Adfonic examined the performance of tablets vs smartphones, and found that branding campaigns garnered 250% higher clickthrough rates on tablets vs smartphones. Even direct response campaigns performed better, but without as high a margin. However, the legal and automotive industries got fewer clicks on tablets, but the worst performers on tablets were goods and retail. One explanation for these numbers is that consumers artificially bump numbers up on new mediums, and that that’s what we’re experiencing at the moment. More time and data will be needed to solidify these extrapolations, but for the moment tablets are a genuine advertising force to be reckoned with. 

Are Curators The New Publishers? Flipboard Thinks So.

Flipboard has updated their social magazine that lets users create their own custom magazines, curating articles from other publishers, customizing covers and more. Users can also follow an individual’s magazine as well and purchase products via Etsy. Interestingly enough, the update lets anyone from an individual to a brand become a publisher with the eventual possibility of even sharing ad revenue if they get enough traction.