BlackBerry Z10 Early UK Sales Look Hopeful

Research In Motion, or should we now say Blackberry, is banking on their Z10 smartphone to resurrect them from a rapid two year decline. The new device boasts a much improved OS and has shown strong sales in the UK according to allthingsd. While the real test will come during the phone’s US launch in March, we may start hearing people mention “crackberry” like it’s 2008.  

Tablet Sales Rise as PC Market Stagnates

The world’s going mobile and the PC just can’t keep up.  Recent reports indicate that last quarter, the number of tablets shipped was more than half the number of PCs, compared to the 3rd quarter numbers from November, which showed almost 1 in 4 computers sold were tablets.  The trend does not show any sign of slowing down, and suggests more than a shift in computing hardware sales. Windows may now be losing its long-lived market dominance.  Of all PCs and Tablets shipped in the 4th quarter, a third of them run OSX, iOS, or Android.  The definition of “personal computing” is certainly changing. Will Microsoft be able to adapt in time?

Black Friday Sales Up 13% From 2011

It was a huge Black Friday weekend with the NRF reporting 59 billion dollars in sales, almost a 13 percent increase from 2011. Comscore also reported record e-commerce sales of over 1 billion dollars, led in part by a growth in the digital content category, which surged 29% from 2011 sales driven by growing smartphones and tablet adoption.  Branding Brand also released a report on smartphone e-commerce sales indicating that mobile optimized sites outpaced overall Black Friday growth— with a 221% year-over-year sales increase.

Black Friday Dwarfed By Single’s Day In China

China’s biggest retail day is “Singles Day,” which is celebrated on November 11th and is a bit of an inverse Valentine’s Day in which people buy gifts for friends that are still looking for love.  E-Commerce sales for this year’s holiday were reportedly $4.6 billion— roughly four times e-commerce sales for Black Friday. With numbers like that it might just be a matter of time before Singles Day makes its way to the US.