BlackBerry Z10 Early UK Sales Look Hopeful

Research In Motion, or should we now say Blackberry, is banking on their Z10 smartphone to resurrect them from a rapid two year decline. The new device boasts a much improved OS and has shown strong sales in the UK according to allthingsd. While the real test will come during the phone’s US launch in March, we may start hearing people mention “crackberry” like it’s 2008.  

Blackberry World to Launch With Blackberry 10

As part its late-in-the-game effort to maintain relevance in a growing smartphone market, smartphone pioneer RIM is mere days away from launching the Blackberry 10, and has announced a revamped Blackberry World media platform.  The website will feature DRM-free music, and TV shows and movies for purchase or rental.  An impressive group of content providers has already been announced including record labels 4AD, Matador, Warner and Sony, and TV partners BBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Warner Bros.  Most exciting is that most movies should be available on their DVD release date, and most TV shows should be available the day after they air.  Could this be a sign of things to come for RIM?

Android operating system #1 in U.S. market

According to a new report from Canalysis, Google’s Android platform has rocketed to the top spot among U.S. smartphone operating systems with a 43.6% market share. Worldwide, the Android has a staggering 1,309% year over year growth, a 25% market share, and is now on 20 million devices.

Android’s success is rooted in three key advantages. First, the product itself is user-friendly and has been quickly embraced by consumers. Second, Google was able to strike deals for Android with a variety of mobile manufacturers– among them Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. And lastly, Android is available on devices at a variety of price points, making it easily accessible to any smartphone purchaser. Continue reading “Android operating system #1 in U.S. market”