Yahoo Buying Mobile Start-Up Flurry For Its Data

Yahoo has confirmed to be acquiring Flurry, a mobile ad platform with real-time bidding feature. Following a slew of mobile start-up acquisitions, however, Yahoo’s interest in Flurry might be more than just for their mobile products and resources. Along with its ad exchange platform, Flurry also offers a mobile analytics platform popular with app developers, with nearly half a million apps on iOS and Android employing Flurry’s tool to track how people are using their apps. Therefore, Flurry hoards a considerable amount of the valuable behavioral data that Yahoo desperately needs to jump-start its mobile business.

Flurry & IPG Lab Media Trial: TV Viewing Vs Tablet

IPG Lab and Flurry conducted behavioral focus groups with tablet video watchers. Left alone in our living room, hidden video cameras show that participants watch tablet video very differently than TV, even taking the tablet with them on trips to the kitchen instead of waiting for an ad break, as our TV watchers did. Hear our participants give their opinions on tablet video first-hand, and see it through their eyes via a video camera embedded in their eye-glasses.