Blackberry and Foxconn Agree To 5 Year Deal

Maybe Blackberry isn’t quite as a dead and gone as we thought: the company announced a five-year deal with Foxconn, who are known for manufacturing Apple’s products, as well as the ethical scandals that they’ve brought to Apple. Nonetheless, the deal with the big-name manufacturer speaks to a determination to defy their poor sales and stock numbers from this year. Whether it’s too little, too late, will have to be judged in a little while, but no matter the outcome Blackberry seems like they’re not going to go down without a fight.

7-Eleven Is Selling Electronics

Although 7-Eleven is best known for its late night snacks, it now sells electronics in stores in Asia. A preliminary test run sold 100,000 Internet-connected discount TVs in only six weeks. The devices themselves weren’t stocked in stores, but were rather sold through an in-store kiosk and thereafter over the Internet. Now, the partnership between 7-Eleven and the Foxconn group – the same company that makes Apple’s products – is going to extend to smartphones and tablets after the initial, successful run. It’s all part of Foxconn’s plan to diversify from Apple, which makes up 60% of its revenue.