YouTube Unveils New “Fan Funding” Feature

YouTube has started testing a new integrated payment feature that allows fans to donate to their YouTube channels of choice. Officially dubbed “fan funding”, this new feature is unlikely to replace revenue from advertising for most YouTube channel owners, but it does mark a significant step in YouTube’s ongoing effort to monetize its growing viewership and making its video content shoppable.

Contently Raises $9 Million

Content marketing platform, Contently raised 9 million to empower brands as publishers. The self-service model connects writers with agencies and publishers to produce brand content whether they be white papers, sponsored articles or blog entries. While the industry seems to be shifting towards programmatic, there is also equal interest in custom, native experiences, putting Contently in a sweet spot. The Lab conducted some research on branded content on behalf of Forbes last year that found it to be most successful on publisher sites opposed to the brand’s own channels.