Amazon Introduces Gift Card Sharing

Amazon’s Friends and Family Gifting feature gets more social today with the launch of a tool that allows users to create and send group gift cards to your Facebook friends for their birthdays. By connecting Facebook and Amazon accounts, it’s easy to prepare birthday gift cards in advance, and participants can contribute as little as $1 or as much as $25 of yet. The gift card is delivered to the recipient’s Facebook wall on their birthday. It’s a new, foolproof way to ensure that you never miss a friend’s birthday again. 

Facebook Card Could Swipe the Online Gift Market

Facebook Gifts had quite the lack luster showing in the past, as the company’s minor experiments with the platform mostly fizzled out, but today’s announcement of the Facebook Card may change things.  Facebook Card functions like a conventional gift card, with all balances applied from within Facebook from a range of retailers, but they are unique in that they are reusable, and can carry balances from multiple stores simultaneously.  This could be Facebook’s most successful bridge yet into the physical world, and may innovate online gifting on a much larger scale.