Facebook Sees Users Decline

Although 82% of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 have a Facebook profile, new research indicates that in Q2 2014 there was a 6% decrease, across the board, in active usage of Facebook by those users as messaging and picture apps boom. GlobalWebIndex, in conducting a Social study for the first part of this year, notes that Snapchat has seen a 67% increase in its user base, while WhatsApp has seen a 30% increase in the same amount of time and has overtaken Facebook’s Messenger app as the third most popular social app globally. Picture sharing, like Instagram, has shot up as well; Tumbler has seen a 22% increase, while Instagram itself has seen a 25% increase in active users in the last six months. Pinterest is also up 7%. While people continue to visit Facebook, they’re using fewer and fewer things. Overall, mobile audiences are growing globally, signaling a fundamental shift away from interacting via social networks, and towards interacting via messaging.