Amazon To Shoot Originals In 4K

Amazon is planning to shoot its original content in 4K, the ultra-HD format that will be the industry standard in the living room…eventually. For now, 4K is practically a proof-of-concept with the lack of 4K TVs on the market and even less content available. It’s a ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario as TV manufacturers require content and content creators require an audience. Nevertheless, Amazon is positioning themselves at the forefront of innovation and will unquestionably give 4K some much needed momentum.

H.265 Video Format Approved

Soon you could be streaming 4k video over your broadband network, and full HD to your mobile devices.  The new H.265 video format has been approved by the ITU as a successor to the H.264 codec standard driven by the launch of the iPad and other post-Flash mobile devices.  H.265 is informally known as High Efficiency Video Coding, and compatible chips are expected to appear within 12 to 18 months.  Soon, as little as 20 Mbps of bandwidth could allow 4k video streaming.