Here Come The Holograms

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At yesterday’s Microsoft press event, among standard updates for its software offerings, including the new Windows 10 OS and accompanying new apps, the company also unveiled an intriguing new project: the Microsoft HoloLens. Currently in the prototype stage, it is a see-through visor-like headset that projects holographic objects into the real-world surroundings.

Microsoft has developed a new user interface for 3D computing and is still working on how to enable users to control and interact with the virtual 3D objects. This marks Microsoft’s official foray into augmented reality and could very well be the first step towards a future full of holograms.

Here Come The Haptic Holograms

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Soon you will able to touch, feel, and even manipulate holograms and other 3D virtual objects with your bare hands, thanks to the breakthrough research of The Department of Computer Science at Bristol University. The research team created a method that uses sound waves to project “haptic holograms” in mid-air, adding a sense of touch as well as sight and sound that will make it easier to bring virtual reality into the physical world.