Netflix Scores Big In 2014 Emmy Nominations

The newest Emmy nomination list is out, and following last year’s breakthrough success, Netflix is winning even bigger this year, with a total of 31 nominations compared to last year’s 14. Besides various expected nods for its acclaimed series House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, it also scored a surprise nomination for Ricky Gervais for Lead Actor in its new original comedy series Derek. Overall, premium cable company HBO still dominating the field with most number of nominations. But Netflix’s consecutive success in winning critical acclaims nicely echoes their recent “TV is getting better” native ad, signaling the continuous rise of the OTT content providers in the market.

House Of Cards Makes TV History

Netflix’s flagship series, House Of Cards, earned itself a Best Director Emmy last night for David Fincher, and simultaneously made history as it was the first time a major category award went to an online video provider. It adds a sense of legitimacy for Netflix, who will continue to look for feature material in Hollywood. The award makes Netflix a legitimate competitor with the traditional networks, and lends credibility to its model: making the complete show available all at once. Clearly, breaking out from the TV-channel model has done wonders for Netflix, and it now has the awards to prove it. It will force – and at least in part already forced – technologically-savvy advertisers to reconsider their models.