Focus on shopper marketing

Shopper marketing (iStock)The Lab is proud to announce our partnership with the In-Store Marketing Institute. We’ve partnered to provide our clients with greater insight into the shopper marketing field, and the Institute will be an integral part of our Retail Experience Center which is opening in 2010. We sat down over email to discuss what shopper marketing is and why it’s so important to retailers right now.

Lab: Shopper Marketing seems like hot new buzzword for marketers—for our readers who may not be familiar with in-store marking, how do you define it?

Institute: You’re right that “shopper marketing” is a hot area. So hot, in fact, that a fair amount of time and energy is being spent on a workable industry-wide definition by some of the major study groups, such as our “Retail Commission on Shopper Marketing.” Continue reading “Focus on shopper marketing”