JiWire’s Mobile Drive-to-Retail ROI Metric

Media measurement is undergoing tremendous change as marketers are privy to more data than ever.  Increasingly, we are tying ad exposure to sales figures. It is no longer an awareness model of clicks and impressions but an action-driven one of visits and purchases. JiWire is the latest to jump onboard, releasing their Location Conversion Index which ties mobile ad impressions to in-store visits. The mobile ad network which targets audience segments based on historical location (not just where you are at this second) now measures foot traffic based on the following factors listed on their website:

  • Real ROI: measures actual increase in foot traffic as a result of your mobile campaign
  • Seasonality: adjusts for fluctuations in store visits that occur naturally (such as increased traffic over the holiday shopping season)
  • Most Accurate Audience Matching: We build a control group out of millions of look-alike profiles based on matching demographics and location pattern attributions
  • Big Data Scale: A rich history of location patterns built from 700M devices & billions of location tags makes LCI the most accurate mobile ROI metric