Kate Spade Brings Window Shopping Into The Future

We all know window shopping is usually the first step to purchase so why not enable checkouts from the sidewalk? Kate Spade & eBay have installed interactive kiosks that allow you to purchase items, with different products featured in the window display. The products are also delivered in an hour so it has the same quick turnaround as in-store. While it’s buzzworthy during store hours, it should provide utility after closing.

Kate Spade’s Aggressive In-store iPad Integration

In a world where shoppers can access limitless inventory and product information, Kate Spade needed to give shoppers a reason to come in-store.  In response, the luxury retailers swapped out paper signs for iPads that display pricing and promotional information in select Tokyo locations. Beyond traditional displays, Kate Spade has incorporated product demos, inventory management, sharing functionality and more all geared at increasing dwell time in stores.