Placed Is Exchanging Frequent Flyer Miles For Location Data

What Happened
Location data analytics firm Placed launched an app called Frequent Flyer that aims to help it acquire more consumer location data by offering users frequent flyer miles in exchange. By opting in to allowing Placed to collect location data, users can rack up frequent flyer miles for four major U.S. airlines. Placed is hoping the app will bring in some extra consumers to improve its in-store attribution accuracy.

What Brands Need To Do
With consumer data being the fuel that powers ad targeting, campaign measurement, and, in Placed’s case, offline attribution, advertisers and brands are constantly trying new ways to acquire consumer data either by themselves or via partnerships. As consumers become increasingly aware of the value of their data and related privacy concerns, brands and advertisers will need to work harder to get the user data they need. For brands, this means finding new ways to add value to their services so as to get people to volunteer their data and to provide consumers with extra utility, convenience, and personalization enabled by their data.


Source: GeoMarketing