How MAC Cosmetics Is Reaching Consumers With Branded Documentaries

What Happened
MAC Cosmetics has been developing documentaries as part of its branded content initiative to reach customers on various social and streaming platforms. Previously, the Estée Lauder-owned company produced a feature-length documentary about three young people living with HIV and released it on both MAC’s own site and Netflix on World AIDS Day. Now, the makeup brand is working on a documentary with Caitlyn Jenner about the lives of transgender and non-conforming individuals, due out this June. MAC will also be circulating short clips of the documentaries across its social channels to encourage sharing and raise awareness.

What Brands Need To Do
MAC is hardly the only brand trying to reach today’s ad-shunning consumers with quality branded content. Companies such as JetBlue and Stella Artois have also funded documentaries and video series to lend an interesting narrative to their brands. With OTT streaming becoming increasingly popular, it makes sense for brands to reach their audiences with branded content that is discoverable on streaming platforms via universal search, instead of traditional video ads which many OTT platforms don’t support.

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Source: DIgiday