Apple’s iBeacon Could Turn MLB Stadiums Into Interactive Experiences

The New York Mets have entered a trial utilizing Apple’s iBeacon indoor mapping feature to customize the At The Ballpark app for everybody that walks into the stadium. They are looking to customize the app based on where you are within the stadium, turning the ballpark into an interactive playground of sorts. The idea is to create a series of “micro-locations” within the stadium to trigger different experiences for the fans as they work their way through to their seats, or to get beverages and food between innings. Because iBeacon is customizable, each stadium would feature different experiences, intertwined with different brands. It’s a truly powerful technology that is just being put to the test; this feature could truly enhance venues of all stripes for consumers who aren’t intense fans or just want to experience the venue itself. 

Yahoo! Launches Yahoo Screen

Yahoo’s ongoing revamp continued with its recent announcement of Yahoo Screen, an iOS app that compiles all of its entertainment content for streaming.  The library includes an extensive Saturday Night Live archive and select Comedy Central programming including the Colbert Report and the Daily Show.  More than 1,000 hours of comedy programming is currently available to stream on the service.  Other content comes from ABC News, GQ, Wired, Major League Baseball, UFC, among others.  The app is designed to be highly gesture based, with swipes playing a key role.  With more and more companies entering the streaming space, are we about to see a leap of innovation in web based multimedia programming?