How E-Retailer MeUndies Hosted A Successful Facebook Live Event On Black Friday

What Happened
For this Black Friday, online underwear retailer MeUndies tried something different as it hosted a live sales event on Facebook, which attracted 13,300 viewers and scored a conversion rate of 25%, 13 times the average rate that MeUndies usually get on Facebook.

To promote the hour-long live event, MeUndies first sent out invites to its 314,000 Facebook Page followers and then ran a Facebook event ad targeting customers who opened MeUndies emails but hadn’t made a purchase in over a year. The event went live on the afternoon of Nov. 25, complete with a DJ and dance contests. Throughout the hour, MeUndies unlocked increasingly larger discounts as more viewers tuned in to get them to check out the Black Friday sales on its website.

What Brands Should Do
This event serves as a great example of how brands can leverage live video to reach a growing segment of the online audience. In particular, this MeUndies live event is illustrative of how brands can use live streaming as a direct sales channel to pitch to a captivated audience in real time and drive conversion. It also shows the importance of careful planning and pre-event promotions so as to drum up customer interests and maximize the event impact. As more and more brands and publishers rush into live video to capitalize on the growing consumer attention, brand marketers should start exploring live-streaming platforms to engage with online customers in real time.


Source: AdExchanger

Lead image courtesy of MeUndies’ Facebook