The buzz around Google buzz

The buzz about Google Buzz Google built an empire with a simple approach– make innovations to existing ideas and offer the best user-friendly product on the market.  The formula worked with online search as it did with Google’s email service Gmail.  Follow-up launches of Gchat and Gchat video were logical progressions that integrated seamlessly with the Gmail platform and quickly became a part of our day to day interactions.  Google’s latest launch of Google Buzz pushes one step further by trying to enter the social networking space.  And if Google’s Buzz Press Conference is any indication, the company has been quietly planning to enter that space via Gmail all along.

Despite some problems out the starting gate, Google Buzz may be an attempt to jump on the microblogging bandwagon. But GoogleBuzz features several innovations that improve the Twitter platform it appropriates. Users can create custom groups with updates viewable only to family, coworkers, or relevant friends. “Recommended Buzz,” is a smart tool that magically sorts your friends updates by relevance.  The mobile version of Buzz even allows you to post your location based on GPS. Continue reading “The buzz around Google buzz”